The Need for a Good Training



Nowadays, we are in an environment that is characterized as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous; and one of the key differences between successful people and others lies in their skills. We all need to be trained, coached or mentored in order to be equipped with key skills, characteristics and competencies to take charge of our thoughts, emotions and ultimately our careers and lives.

It is strongly believed that people have great potentials (and it is TRUE), but how many of us truly realize and actualize them. The truth is: all of us need to enhance our skills and competencies; all of us need to cope with the challenges around us; to develop ourselves; and to become better leaders and better partners.


What Do We Do?

In Alta, we do know how important it is to develop people like you to equip you with the right set of skills and competencies. Our power-packed workshops are designed in order to help YOU become more competent and skillful in your life and career because you deserve success and happiness. You deserve a good career and a better life. If you have future goals or pursuing a dream, You are in the Right Place.

Our power-packed training workshops are designed to empower you by providing essential tools that can assist you to gain key skills, knowledge and competencies so that you can communicate effectively with others, develop your power to manage yourself and others, leader effectively and by example, or become a professional salesperson; to cut it short, to get results that you want.

Below is a list of our most popular Power-Packed workshops:

Course Name Duration
Discover Your Leadership Styles 24 Hours
Essential Communication Skills 16 Hours & 24 Hours
Effective Time Management 8 Hours
Sharpen your Selling Skills 16 Hours
Body Language Secrets 4 Hours
Motivate Yourself 4 Hours & 8 Hours
Assertiveness: Say What you Really want 4 Hours
The Art of Delegation 4 Hours
Negotiate to Win 8 Hours
Conflict Resolution 8 Hours & 12 Hours


Who Will Benefit?
These power-packed workshops are highly beneficial for organizational top executives, middle managers, employees, frontline people, students and anyone who wants to manage their times better or to be confident in communicating with and influencing others effectively at workplace or in their lives.

Training Methodologies

  • Up-To-Date and World-Class Ice-Breakers and Games
  • Dynamic and Interactive Presentation
  • Team Building
  • Role Playing
  • Highly Applicable Case Studies
  • Challenging Project Works
  • Videos
  • Real-Time Feedback

Customized High-Impact Corporate Training is also available. Download our corporate training brochure Here.