Need for Effective Corporate Training

Today’s business environment is characterized as highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. What organizations are now looking for is competitive individuals with essential knowledge, skill sets, and competencies in order to not only get the jobs done effectively, but also to collaborate with peers, lead subordinates and add value to their organizations. We offer empowering High-Impact Corporate Training packages through interactive, individualized and innovative methods. We meet corporate managers’ needs by enhancing their skills and competencies in areas of management, leadership development, sales, interpersonal, cognitive and emotional skills.

Corporate Training

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Effective managers know that great people change ordinary organizations into great ones and invest one the knowledge, skills and abilities of their key people. This is why finding the right training programme becomes key for gaining competitive advantage and earning above-average returns.

In Alta, we do know how important it is to develop top-quality managers and leaders and to equip you with the right set of skills and competencies. Our Corporate Workshops are designed for organizations to help their people become more competent and skillful at workplace. Nowadays managers need to:

  • learn leadership qualities;
  • set personal and group goals;
  • manage their emotions and mental states;
  • make decisions effectively;
  • be more self and group conscious;
  • sell their ideas fast;
  • get the best out of their teams and produce results.

Our interactive, individualized, and innovative Power-Packed Workshops provide essential tools to organizational managers, supervisors and employees and assist them in gaining key personal and organizational skills and competencies in order to produce better results for both individuals and their companies.

Below is a list of our highly powerful workshops for your company:

Recommended Workshops Suggested Duration
Discover Your Leadership Styles 1 Day
Become a Leader 3 Days
Essential Communication Skills at Workplace 2 Days
Effective Time Management 1 Day
Sharpen your Selling Skills 2 Days
Nonverbal Communication Techniques 1 Day
Motivate Yourself and Others 1 Day
Managing Emotions: Key to Managerial Effectiveness 2 Days
Assertiveness: Say What you Really want 1 Day
Decision-Making Strategies: Guide to Making Proper Decisions 1 Day
Linguistics for Negotiation 2 Day
Conflict Resolution 1 Day

We are able to customize topics, contents and duration of the workshops for you according to your specific needs. Depending on your needs, industry the type and number of your members, and recommendations, we can customize our list to accommodate your preference upon your request and we will send you a detailed training plan. If there is any particular topic of interest or any other enquirers, please email us at

Additionally, most of our workshops can be offered in one day (and for two or three days, depending on the topic) in a way that it is most suitable for your managers.

Materials/Props: Our valuable corporate training materials will be emailed to customers for printing and preparation. Props might defer from one course to another.

Download our corporate training brochure HERE.