Are you looking for a change in your life? Do you want to make some positive changes to your life, career, relationship, or financial situation? Are you motivated enough to continuously improve your skills to stand out of your peers? How much do you want to improve your life skills or managerial skills?

It does not matter whether you are single or in relationship; a frontline employee or a high level manager; or a teenager or an adult; the important thing is you need to improve your skills and competencies to get ready for  a better life, higher positions or improved financial situation.


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Research suggests that employers continuously look for individuals who have the desire to improve, are eager to exert higher levels  ` of effort, and capable of getting the jobs done. Real leaders do not need followers; they need leaders. A study suggests that a good employee or manager needs to improve the following four key skills: Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Creativity and Collaboration and Teamwork.

Coaching is one of the best ways in developing people’s skills, abilities and competencies. It can help you deal with your problems and issues before they become major problems for you. It is usually done on one-to-one basis.

Coach and Coachee

In Alta, we offer fast-track empowering coaching. It includes Executive Coaching and Personal Life Coaching. We offer Executive Coaching to managers and leaders who want to enhance their managerial soft-skills (such as communication skills, leadership styles, conflict management, state control, etc.), and Personal Life Coaching to individuals who want to get rid of their negative emotions and create a better life and a brighter future.

So, if you think and you feel that it is time for you to find your ultimate purpose, set meaningful goals, get motivated, get ride of negative emotions once and for all, and ultimately, learn new skills to achieve higher level of performance, do email us at to set up an appointment with our NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainer and Certified Master Coach and Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Dr. Alireza Sharifi. Read more about him here: LinkedIn


Our first half an hour coaching is FREE and can be done face-to-face or through phone call.