Alta Training & Coaching Inc. is in the business of Inspiration, Empowerment and Transformation. Located in Toronto, Canada, it is a professional company specialized in empowering corporate managers and individuals with their soft skills and life skills through training and coaching. Founded by certified MasterClass Trainer and certified Master Coach, Dr. Alireza Sharifi, Alta’s Interactive, Individualized and Innovative training and unique empowering coaching methods will help individuals and organizations to be Empowered, Energized, and Evolved.

The word “ALTA” is Latin word, meaning “Elevated”; in Spanish it means “high”. The reason for choosing this name share with you the intention behind choosing this name for this business. Alta wants to empower people to change through its training and coaching programms.  It wants you to evolve and fly high; in other words, we want to you be happy and successful.

ALTA is for young adults, adults, employees, supervisors, managers and leaders who are full of ambitions but confused and unclear about their lives’ ultimate purpose; individuals who are experiencing unwanted and unwarranted negative emotions, and struggling to change their lives or improve their life skills and managerial skills.

We offer Power-Packed Workshops and NLP Coaching that empower our clients to acquire or develop skills for a better life and a brighter future.

Through Power-Packed Workshops & Coaching, we help companies and individuals with managerial soft skills and life skills in areas of management, leadership, sales and marketing and emotional management, and work psychology. Founded by MasterClass Trainer, Dr. Alireza Sharifi, Alta’s interactive, individualized and innovative training and coaching methods will help individuals and organizations to be Empowered, Energized, and Evolved.



Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the best transformation agents pioneered in making great positive changes for individuals and organizations in Canada.




Our Mission

To create, facilitate or accelerate positive changes and transformations in individuals and organizations. In doing so, we strive to enhance our up-to-date global knowledge and to utilize innovative and customized training and coaching methods. In doing so, we will stay ethical and professional in order to take significant steps in empowering our clients to change positively.


Our Values

In Alta, we believe in a set of core organizational values around which we work. Our core values are as follows: